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seamless attraction & booking of your ideal clients.


 CGC Community Access

Remember the feeling of connection you had with your fellow coaches you went through coaching school with? That's what you'll get with your fellow club members.

€197 Value

 Monthly Masterclass

Monthly training of strategy & principles for client & attraction with clear actionable implementation goals for you to grow your coaching practice. Join it live for Q&A.

€497 Value

 Monthly Behind-The-Scenes

Watch live and ask questions as Georg walks the talk and implements the masterclass' strategy. This either helps with your own implementation or reassures you about what you've already done.

€497 Value

 Monthly Member Makeover Live-Cast

Watch live and asks questions as Georg looks over the work of one member, tweaks it, and takes it to the next level. If your work is chosen this is immense value and another member's work is used you get ideas of how to take your work forward.

€497 Value

 BONUS: Monthly Surprise Drop

Besides the ongoing value delivery, Georg will share an additional pre-recorded video, inspired by what the club members talk about or might need more of.

€497 Value

TOTAL VALUE: €2,185/mo.


then ONLY €47/mo for Founding Members

Founding Member Pricing lasts for the life of your membership!


In the unlikely even that you determine the club is not for you during the trial,
simply cancel through the Customer Center or by reply to any email.

AND When you Join the FREE trial today,
you also get the COACHES GROWTH PACK for FREE!


 Revealed - 7 Steps to Coaching Business Prosperity

Your roadmap to turn your passion into a prosperous profession.

€47 Value

 Busted - 9 Myths of Time Management & Productivity

This value-packed guides shows the way to stress-free productivity.

€47 Value

 ​Explained - Thriving as a Coach with Coaching Programs​

The path from selling coaching hours to offering transformative coaching programs.

€97 Value

"Preverse"-Engineering Coaching Prosperity - Business Lifestyle Planning

Set your lifestyle goal & map out your client attraction & booking calendar.

€297 Value

 Your Ideal Client Coaching Program Creator Video-Call with Georg (1 hour)

Work with Georg to work out your ideal client, their challenges, and your very own transformation coaching program tailed to your ideal clients.

€997 Value

 Free Ticket to next virtual CGC Live event

Coaches Growth Club Live virtual events are packed with actionable, immediately implementable client attraction & booking goodness to propel your coaching practice forward. (3x3h, scheduled twice a year)

$197 Value

 BONUS: List Building Starter Course

While the "riches are in the niches", and the "fortune is in the follow-up", your biggest asset is your list of ideal clients. Get a head-start building it.

€97 Value

 BONUS: Mindset Clearing Video Course

To serve as many people as we can, we need to get out of our own way. Blockers to do with fear or success, fear of failure, or suboptimal money mongrels, are a thing of the past, when you go through this course. Retrain your brain.

€497 Value

 BONUS: 5 Trees planted in your name

We're 1% For The Planet members and it is our pleasure to give you 5 trees as a thank you and giving back to the planet.




then ONLY €47/mo for Founding Member

Founding Member Pricing lasts for the life of your membership!


In the unlikely even that you determine the club is not for you during the trial,
simply cancel through the Customer Center or by reply to any email.

Georg's "Double Yolker" Guarantee

Get Started Today 100% Risk-Free

Please enjoy the trial of the club to the fullest. You've got 30 days to really immerse yourself. At any point until that time you can cancel, get refunded, no questions asked.

I trust that you will prove to be an engaged club member, implement the content and guidance at pace. In the unlikely event you don't see the results we work towards after 6 months. Contact me, referencing your implemented material, and I will work with you 1:1, twice a month, for 2 months, to get things back on track.

- Georg Fasching



“He is the ultimate professional and fully committed to the cause“

Georg on a personal note is very approachable and great to have around the office. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about his field. He is the ultimate professional and fully committed to the cause he was working on. Georg would be asset to any organisation he works with.

Rob S.

London, UK


"His encouragement and feedback were instrumental..."

Georg's commitment to his role as a mentor was evident from the start. He offered personalized advice, took the time to understand my goals, and consistently pushed me to think beyond my comfort zone. His encouragement and feedback were instrumental in shaping my perspective on coaching as a business.

Katalin Z.

London, UK


"His patience, experience, humility, and empathetic approach helped..."

Georg coached me during a time where I was going through a difficult career and job transition. This was a phase in my life, where I lacked confidence in my ability. His patience, experience, humility, and empathetic approach helped to slowly re-build my confidence. [...]

Laxmi K.

London, UK


“Georg uses the perfect balance of educating, mentoring and coaching depending on the needs of his students.”

Georg is one the most skilled trainers/ coaches and mentors I have ever had the pleasure of learning from.
Georg uses the perfect balance of educating, mentoring and coaching depending on the needs of his students.
Georg's wealth of real world experience is invaluable and gives him a real depth of credibility.
I have also found Georg to be extremely supportive and his post course, coaches alumni meets really helpful.
Georg is also great fun to work with and I look forward to working/ learning from him again!

Lisa M.

Lisbon, Portugal


"Couldn't recommend him enough!"

When I started working with Georg I had taken a recent promotion from middle management to senior leadership. Georg's coaching (and experience) lent itself well to me, he was able to validate my approach, challenge my thinking and hold me accountable in my growth and impact. Quite quickly I built trust with Georg that enabled me to be honest in our coaching conversations. I also appreciated the additional learning materials Georg was able to direct me to, to further my development, thinking and approach. Couldn't recommend him enough!

Sheila T.

London, UK


“If you have a chance to work with Georg, absolutely go for it”

Working with Georg was a game-changer for me. I’ve not worked in an environment, before or since, where the team dynamic was made tangible and consciously part of the work.
Being coached and being managed are worlds apart – once experienced it seems so obvious and so glaringly absent elsewhere.
He ensured we drew on support from each other and took full responsibility for the whole team’s success. He was incredibly attentive and eased any difficulties along the way, from material ones like poor internet connections to personal conflict. [...]
I learned what it takes to create a truly fulfilling and effective way of working and haven’t looked back.
If you have a chance to work with Georg, absolutely go for it – I hope to be lucky enough to do it again.

Ayesha M.

London, UK



So You Don't Have To!

After 13 years in corporate, climbing the traditional Digital Product Management career ladder, through to Chief Product Officer, I ditched the 9-5 and became an independent ... something. First attempts at consultancy failed, but contracting soon found me, and my path-finding began.
​In 2014 I discovered professional coaching and was hooked straight away. Going through coaching school with Barefoot in the UK was amazing. BUT!

Nobody taught me how to get clients!!!

Georg Fasching

So I went on the adventure of making every imaginable mistake of trying to get coaching clients, and going through course after course. Some where great, some were a total waste of money (incl. a $10k "mastermind" 😭). Only one out of, oh who knows how many, was actually made by a coach! And while it wasn't too bad, the content and experience was a bit stuck in the 90ies.

What's the point, Georg!?

Through all of this learning a larger pattern became apparent to me.
I started to put things in place and this pattern developed into a framework.
This framework brought me seamless attraction of my ideal clients,
and enabled me to book them.

It is this framework that I can now offer to you so that you get what you need to achieve coaching prosperity, even when you have a 9-5, without breaking the bank.

>1,150 👨‍🎓

Alumni around the world

>900 🧑‍💼

Executive Coaching Hours

>101,424 🌇

Hours as an Independent

>24 📱

Years in Digital

Happy Coaching!

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